All to play for in snooker league

WITH only a few points separating the clubs after the first three weeks in the Stalybridge Snooker League, the next sets of fixtures will have a big bearing on how the league looks as it approaches the end of its first quarter.

The latest news from Stalybridge Snooker League

In week four, St Peters were at home to Staly Vegas, Mossley B were at Hyde Snooker and new boys Staly Labour travelled to Mossley ‘A’.

There were 3-2 victories for Staly Vegas and Mossley ‘A’ ,while Hyde went one better beating Mossley ‘B’ 4-1. There was only one match played in the whist league and St Peter’s beat Staly Vegas 149-111.

In week five, St Peter’s were at home to Hyde Snooker, Mossley ‘A’ played Staly Vegas and Staly Labour played Mossley ‘B’.

There were 3-2 victories for St Peter’s, Mossley ‘A’ and Staly Labour. In the whist, Mossley ‘A’ beat Staly Vegas 138-122.

At the end of the first five matches Hyde Snooker topped the snooker league by two points and Mossley ‘A’ the whist league by the same margin.

As it was the end of the first quarter, the league had a monthly meeting where handicaps were reviewed to apply over the next five matches.

They also looked at three card matches not played and discussed many items that needed looking at to apply over the full season.

It was also decided that as it was the 100-year remembrance and the league was started more than 100 years ago, they should honour the occasion.

Week six was the first one with the new handicaps and Staly Labour hosted St Peter’s, Mossley ‘A’ played Mossley ‘B’ with Staly Vegas travelling to Hyde Snooker.

There were 3-2 victories for Staly Labour, Mossley ‘A’ and Staly Vegas. There was a victory for Mossley ‘B’ over Mossley ‘A’ by 138-122 in the whist league.

In week seven, Mossley ‘A’ travelled to St Peter’s, Staly Vegas played Mossley ‘B’ and Staly Labour hosted Hyde Snooker.

There were 3-2 victories for Hyde SC and Staly Vegas while Mossley ‘A’ won 4-1.

These results meant Hyde and Mossley ‘A’ are joint top of the league by two points from Staly Vegas.

In the cards’ league, St Peter’s drew with Mossley ‘A’ 130 all and Staly Vegas lost to Mossley ‘B’ 138 -122.These results leave Mossley ‘B’ top of the league by only one point over Mossley ‘A’.

The darts league has continued to move on with more matches played and Ian Carter is still top of the league with 14 points from seven matches.

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