Business going at a gallop at BW Farming Supplies

THINK of a farming supply company and semi-urban Tameside may not sound like the most likely market.

But BW Farm Supplies believes there is more than enough to target with the large group of people who indulge in their passion for horses.

And things are obviously going well as they are spreading their wings further into what you would call ‘normal pet shop products’ and have opened a new 5,500 sq ft showroom.

BW, based at Gatehead Mill on Delph New Road in Delph, started life as a company dealing with farms in the Saddleworth area, supplying crucial equipment and animal feed.

But as things have grown over the last five years, they have included more products that can cater for more animals. They have also outgrown their original base in Diggle to move to their current headquarters in Delph.

“We’re growing very quickly,” said Ralph Brierley of BW Farm Supplies.

“We specialised pretty much on Saddleworth but now we’re looking very much at Mossley and Tameside.

“We have gradually grown into the equestrian side. We have a really good equestrian range now we’re starting to branch out into what you would call general pets.

“It’s been a natural progression. We started off working with farms and then the equestrian market and a lot of people in both have dogs, so we started doing canine products and it has just gone from there.”

With their new showroom up and running, BW Farming Supplies – which stocks a large selection of dog foods from brands such as Natures:Menu Raw and Royal Canin plus a lot more and an extensive range of horse feeds and bedding, horse products as well as boots and clothing from brands including Mark Todd, Toggi and Moretta – is ready to grow further, after lots and lots of work.

Ralph added about the former wool mill: “It’s an old stone building so walls needed to be moved, it needed re-wiring, heating putting in and alarms fitted.

“But we’re there and believe this can now help us grow.

“We already have clients all over the country, we send out about 200 parcels a day to clients who use us and trust us.”

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