Christmas joy for children thanks to Mabel’s money

CHILDREN from less fortunate families will be given a happy Christmas thanks to the legacy left to the town by Mabel Wilson.

Mabel, who died aged 87 in October 2017, left £10,000 in her will for the good of the community in the town where she was born.

That figure has since grown to £14,000 thanks to other fund-raising in her memory.

And some of the legacy was spent to buy £1,000 worth of presents that was donated to the Stalybridge-based Tameside East Foodbank.

The presents will be distributed to the borough’s three foodbanks.

Trisha Jarman, the project manager/centre manager for the Tameside East Foodbank, was delighted to receive the toys.

She said: “It’s amazing to receive so many toys which will be split between our three centres.

“We give presents all-year round and not only at Christmas. We often give presents to children who have been invited to a party and wouldn’t be able to go if they didn’t have a present.”

She added, apart from food, they also give out dog and cat food that have been donated along with toiletries and sanitary products.

Trisha also pointed out these are challenging time for the foodbanks with demand at an all-time high.

“For the first time we are giving out more than is coming in,” she said.

Trisha said when the Tameside foodbank was launched six years ago it gave out 1,200 parcels in the first year and that figure rose to 4,200 in the last year.

“The current year doesn’t end until March but we have had an extra 250 people so far this year compared to last year,” she explained.

The local foodbank, that has 100 volunteers at its three branches and works with 120 different agencies across the borough, has a permanent collection point at Tesco and they also work with other supermarkets.

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