Newly-painted sign is welcoming sight to Carrbook village thanks to resident

CARRBROOK is now shouting loud and proud that it is on the map after a local resident repainted the village sign.

Logan by the newly-painted sign

For months the lettering on the emblem showing where Carrbrook Village starts was left dull and could hardly be seen as it blended in with the background.

But after a fee of £300 was quoted for renovating it, Logan Charnock decided to do it himself.

Now the sign is screaming its presence loud and proud after the job came off – with no slips or mistakes!

Not that the man behind the job, which ended up costing nothing, was not fearful the he would leave his mark for the wrong reasons.

Logan, 27, said: “I’m on the Carrbrook Conservation Forum and the state of the sign had been taken on board – however it took about six months to get a quote of about £300.

“And it would’ve taken a long time to actually get something in place, so it would’ve been months before anyone got round to it.

“No-one else expressed an interest in doing it, so I thought I’d have a go myself.

“Everyone had been talking about it for quite some time and at first I didn’t want to do anything because I’m not a painter.

“However, me and Danny Maley decided that we would do it ourselves. Danny was more of a witness really to make sure no-one thought I was stealing the sign when I took it down.”

After two days at Logan’s home on Castle Lane, the tired old vinyl coating was removed and replaced by a shiny coat of gold paint, which was given to him by a painter and decorator friend.

And he put it back where it once was, only clearly telling drivers who do not know where they are what they are entering.

It was not without several inspections, though, and one or two amendments.

Logan added: “Originally, I wanted to do it while on a pair of ladders so the sign wouldn’t have to be removed but it soon became clear that I’d have to move it.

“And it looks good, from a distance. If you go up close to it, I’ll admit it is possible to make out where I had a little wobble.”

But after the sign suddenly shone, the hunt was on to find the person responsible and some social media detective work soon solved the mystery.

“I wanted to be anonymous at first,” Logan explained. “And for the first three or four days, no-one knew.

“But then it popped up on Facebook and someone spotted a post I’d made a few weeks earlier asking if anyone had any paint and they put two and two together.

“Word spread and more and more people started asking me if I’d done it, so eventually I had to admit it and say, ‘Yes, it was me.’

“So far, the feedback on it has been pretty good, everyone is happy with it and I’m happy they’re happy.”

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