Haworth signs for 18 months as part of Celtic restructure

STALYBRIDGE Celtic has restructured its football operations at Bower Fold.

Simon Haworth

Simon Haworth will from January 1 combine his role of first-team manager with that of academy head.

Haworth, who did not have a contract, has signed a deal until April 20 as he will become a full-time employee. 

The decision to combine the posts of first-team manager and academy head sees Dave Sullivan leave the club after two-and-a-half years.

Haworth said: “I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to head all football development at Stalybridge Celtic and would like to carry on the good work of Dave Sullivan and Danny Yves at the academy.

“I am looking forward to getting started and the academy has a huge bearing on the success of the first team and the whole club moving forward. It is my job now to build a strong academy with high numbers of students and a high level of quality.

“There is an awful lot of hard work needed at Stalybridge Celtic and this is another facet of the football club, along with the first team and the commercial side that we are trying to improve.”

Ian Milligan, academy chairman, said: “Following the restructure we are fortunate to have such a high calibre individual as Simon to head our football operations.

“We are excited to have an ex-Wales international to lead the academy. Our football plans will be fully integrated across the club and Simon has a busy 2019 ahead of him to forge strong links with schools, local professional and amateur clubs.

“He will also be the main link with our education partner Tameside College.”

Chairman Rob Gorski added: “I am thrilled Simon has signed an 18-month contract as he has been a breath of fresh air.

“He talks intelligently and articulately about the game and has a business brain.

“Simon recognises the challenges and potential with the academy and on the back of the restructuring, is the ideal person to lead the club’s football operations in this new role.”

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