Stalybridge Town Team’s 100 Club welcomes new members across the globe

STALYBRIDGE Town Team’s 100 Club is going worldwide after signing up a new member in Abu Dhabi.

Ray Harrison, left, hands over 100 Club membership to Sarah Collis

Ex-pat Sarah Collis, from Stalybridge, is an events manager at the Formula One track in Middle East country.

And she was charged with putting on the retirement party for Fernando Alonso whose final Grand Prix before retirement was in Abu Dhabi.

Sarah was given her membership in person by Ray Harrison, chair of Stalybridge Town Team, when he attended the recent Formula One Grand Prix.

Ray also took along his copy of the Correspondent which Sarah was pleased to read.

The 100 Club, whose annual membership costs £12, aims to raise money to improve the town centre.

It has a quarterly draw which offers £200 in cash prizes, £80 Tesco vouchers and £80 of Candolim vouchers.

“This is a really worthwhile cause and all proceeds go back into creating a nicer town centre,” explained Ray.

Stalybridge Town Team has regular monthly clean ups where around 20 volunteers turn up on a regular basis.

The clean ups take place on the fourth Saturday of each month. Meet at 9.30am outside Holy Trinity Church.

If you are interested in participating you would be made very welcome.

Anyone who would like to join the Town Team 100 Club, should email

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