Homeowners urged to make sure they cannot fall victim to scam

HOMEOWNERS across Tameside have been told to not fall victim to scammers after two men gained entry to a house in Mossley by claiming there was a gas leak nearby.

Greater Manchester Police has revealed an incident took place on Monday where the pair told an occupant that there had been a leak into the water mains affecting nearby houses.

They left when disturbed by another visitor and enquiries into the incident are ongoing.

However, officers have told people that awareness needs to be spread among friends and relatives to make sure no-one falls victim.

Tameside Council has issued advice to people on spotting someone who may be trying to access a property under false pretences.

It states: “Don’t let people in until you are satisfied you know who they are and what they want.  Check their story.

“If a caller claiming to represent any other organisation asks to enter your home without an appointment, check their identity.

“Public Service employees are required to show identity cards when they come to your home.

“Examine the card carefully as fake cards have been used. The card should have a photograph and the name of the organisation on it.

“If you are at all worried, ring the organisation to check the caller is genuine. Use the telephone number given in the phone book or on your utility bill, rather than the one printed on the identity card. A genuine caller won’t mind waiting.

“Make sure that the number is genuine and always leave the door closed and locked until you are completely satisfied that it is safe to let them in.

“Officials from the water board never need to come into your home to check for a leak, even in an emergency.

“If, for any reason, they need access to you house, they will always send you a letter to make an appointment. Genuine meter readers from the gas or electricity companies will want you to check their identity before you let them in.

“Don’t employ workmen who come to the door offering bargain prices for work they say you need done to your house.

“Spend another day or two getting estimates from other tradesmen and make sure that whoever you let into your home is trustworthy.

“Ask to see evidence that they are members of a trade’s federation or other organisation and to see examples of their work.”

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