Help wanted to repair collapsing dam in Milbrook.

AN APPEAL for help has gone out after part of a dam began to collapse.

The path around the water at Millbrook has started to give way after water flowing around the dam compromised its structure.

Now Carrbrook Angling Club, which manages Millbrook Dam, is asking for donations after it closed the area for safety reasons.

Money would be nice but it is more materials and manpower they are after.

Gary Rothwell, chairman and fishery manager, said: “Basically the problem is the outlet where water comes out of the reservoir.

“Water has come around the side of it and undermined it, it’s collapsed and that means a big job to repair it.

“We’ll have to do it and at the minute I don’t know what it will cost as we’ve not had any quotes done yet.

“We’ve told people it’s closed and what reason it’s closed for.

“It’s more things like building materials we need. Things like timber for any fencing or concrete to bolster the area that has collapsed so we can repair it.”

Mr Rothwell noticed a ‘small hole’ when he went to inspect the area but a quick prod opened it up, revealing the scale of the problem.

“It collapsed further,” he added. “We need to fix it for public use as the walkway is the way around the reservoir. Dog walkers go around it and things like that.

“So we’ve closed it and our access as anglers has also been closed off. It can be fixed over the next couple of weekends if we get the materials and manpower. How quickly it is repaired and reopened depends on how quickly we can get the materials.

“We will have to spend some money as we’ll need a digger and a dump truck to move earth around, so we’d be extremely grateful if anyone can donate money too.”

*IF YOU want to donate materials or money to help the repair effort, call Gary Rothwell on 07921 771602 or vist him on Twitter at or Facebook at

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