Active Tameside’s Winter Swim Festival makes a big splash

ACTIVE Tameside’s inaugural Winter Swim Festival recently took place at Active Copley, Stalybridge.

The successful event gave those having swimming lessons and swim academy members a taste of competition, with a chance to show off the skills they have learnt and with a focus on fun.

The event involved swimming races appropriate for each class’ development stage, so that swimmers could experience a competition environment, but without the pressure that often comes with other swimming galas.

The Swimming Teachers Association’s STAnley the Seal was in attendance at the event and provided entertainment for swimmers and adults alike throughout the afternoon.

Swimmers who were in the early stages of their swimming journey took part in races that involved the likes of blowing Rudolph’s nose across the pool and balancing Santa’s present on their head.

Improver swimmers got to take part in the 25m front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke, while swim academy members competed in 50m races of all four strokes.

Each swimmer received a certificate and medal or ribbon as a reward for their achievement.

The event received an impressive 326 individual entries and involved 76 swimming heats.

Active Tameside said a huge well done to everyone who took part.

This is an event they plan to hold annually going forward, with the aim of expanding the Swim Festival even further next year.

Active Tameside’s Swim School pathway takes children on a journey from their first splash to developing confidence and competence so that they can be safe, confident and happy in the water.

Supported by the STA, the swim school pathway has been developed to ensure children receive the best possible instruction, based on the organisation’s swimming expertise.

For more information about swimming lessons with Active Tameside, visit their website:

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