Extra parking to ease problems at busy store

ADDITIONAL parking is to set to be provided outside a Carrbrook store to resolve long-standing issues.

Raja Brothers’ owner Hassan Ali, Stalybridge North ward councillors and Tameside Council’s highways department staff have come up with a plan to open up the area in front of the Huddersfield Road store to provide extra parking.

It is hoped this will prevent parking on Huddersfield Road near to the busy junction with Buckton Vale Road.

In an effort to come up with a solution to the traffic issues on Huddersfield Road, Stalybridge North councillors and officers from Tameside Highways department met this week with Mr Ali and have come up with what they believe is a better, and more permanent solution to improve safety outside the shop.

Despite repeated efforts by the council to make the road safer, including the provision of bollards and double yellow lines, drivers have still insisted on parking outside the shop and flouting the law.

Anxious to improve the situation, Mr Ali consulted local councillors Adrian Pearce, Jan Jackson and Sam Gosling and together they have brought forward a proposal to open up the area at the front of the store to parking, including better access for disabled people.

Following highways’ agreement to the new system, Mr Ali will shortly bring forward an application for planning permission.

Cllr Pearce said: ‘It is vital that we retain local shops and services in Carrbrook and we should do everything that we can to ensure a safe environment for our residents.

“For Mr Ali to bring forward this major improvement, at his own expense, shows how much he values the custom and safety of his local community.”

Mr Ali, who is also currently developing four retail units on the site with four apartments above them, is mindful of the parking issues.

He explained: “Though the council recently put up bollards, it hasn’t stopped people parking on Huddersfield Road.

“In fact, it has made it more dangerous as they cannot park on the pavement which causes more congestion on the road.

“We prefer customers to use our car park and ask them to do so, but we cannot make them as it is their choice where they park.

“Though the bollards and the road don’t belong to us, we get the blame when something happens.

“If we can do anything to make it better by providing parking for the disabled and a couple of other extra spots in front of the shop, we are more than happy to do so.”

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  1. Rather than sort the problem which is to impose fines on the offenders, the geniuses at the council agree to allow parking at the front of the store when there is a 30+ space carpark behind the store. I suppose we’ll just have to wait until a car pulls in there at speed & either goes straight through the shop front or worse, hits one of the many young children that hover about there. ( lets hope it’s not the latter before someone sees sense )

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