Resignations at Stalybridge Celtic

THERE has been a sizeable changing of the guard at Stalybridge Celtic where three prominent members of its backroom team have resigned, president Pete Dennerly, chief executive officer Syd White and director Paul Carter.

It is no secret there has been divisions at boardroom level with chairman and majority shareholder Rob Gorski previously admitting publicly there has been splits over the future direction of the club.

And those have been polarised in recent months following the appointment of Wendy Mackie as chief executive and Chris Horrocks as commercial director.

Though the announcements came separately over the course of several weeks and there have been denials they were orchestrated, the three were undoubtedly close allies.

Mr Dennerly was chairman when he invited Mr White on to the board and it was Mr White who likewise brought Mr Carter to the club.

Mr Dennerly had been at Celtic for more than 20 years, eight of which were spent as chairman and he became president following the death of Roy Oldham.

He said: “I can assure you the resignations were not rehearsed and I was not aware Syd and Paul were also leaving.

“I have put a shift in and, with new people coming in to hopefully move the club in the right direction, I felt it was the right time to stand down.

“I have not fallen out with anyone and will still be a great supporter. Onwards and upwards.”

Mr Dennerly became involved with Celtic through former director Jack Thornley. He was practice manager at the Ashton legal firm where Mr Thornley was a solicitor.

“I was a season ticket holder at Old Trafford at the time and Jack persuaded me to give it up to join Celtic,” he explained.

Mr White, who had been at Celtic since September 2003, confirmed he had resigned and left the club.

“You can work out for yourself the reasons,” he explained when asked for an explanation, but he added he had “loved every minute of my time at the club”.

Mr White had served as commercial director, vice chairman, chief executive and latterly chief executive officer.

He was an influential figure in attracting sponsors and on matchdays was the host in the hospitality suite.

Mr White, a mortgage broker, had previously been chairman of Glossop North End Football Club when he was invited to join Celtic having served on player Kevin Parr’s testimonial committee.

He added he will be looking to get back into football because “it is my life” but said he will still look out for Celtic’s results.

Though Mr Carter has resigned from the board, he has agreed to stay on until the end of the season as secretary and the club’s welfare officer until replacements are found.

He said: “The others may have their own reasons, but my main one is loyalty to Syd who brought me to the club and who is a good friend.

“I have spoken to Rob (Gorski) and he understands my reasons. It has all been amicable.

“I have a good relationship with Simon (Haworth). I am the link between the manager, players and club and want to keep that going.”

Mr Carter, a sales rep for a cleaning machines company, is on the committee at Denton West Cricket Club where he has been involved for 22 years, seven as chairman. He was also a football referee for more than 30 years.


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