Snooker season is drawing to a close

Stalybridge Snooker League is at the business end of its season and the next fortnight will determine whether Hyde SC will remain top of the snooker and which of the three teams at the top of cards will prevail.

The last article went up to end of the league’s third quarter with Hyde leading Mossley ‘A’ by one point in the snooker.

The whist league was also very close with Mossley ‘A’ leading Mossley ‘B’ by one point.

There was a management meeting before week 16 matches, which decided the handicaps for the last five matches in the league. The draws for the individual billiards and snooker competitions also took place.

Week 16 saw Mossley ‘B’ beat Mossley ‘A’ and St Peter’s beat Staly Labour by 3-2, while Hyde defeated Staly Vegas 4-1, extending their lead at the top to three points.

In the next round of matches, Staly Vegas beat Mossley ‘B’ 3-2 and Staly Labour overcame Hyde by the same score. Mossley ‘A’ beat St Peters 4-1 to close their deficit behind Hyde to one point.

Week 18 saw all matches won by 3-2 and St Peter’s beat Mossley ‘B’, Staly Vegas beat Staly Labour and Mossley ‘A’ beat Hyde. This meant Hyde and Mossley ‘A’ now have 50 points and they have beaten each other twice in the league.

However, Hyde have won more frames so they are still leading the league with only two weeks matches to go.

The match due in week 15 between Mossley ‘B’ and St Peter’s had to be postponed and is the only match to be played in the final week of this period. Mossley ‘B’ lost 3-2 to St Peter’s.

Turning now to the whist league, week 16 saw Mossley ‘A’ beat Mossley ‘B’ 140-120 while Staly Vegas beat Hyde 131-129.

Week 17 saw St Peter’s beat Mossley ‘A’ 142-118 while Mossley ‘B’ beat Staly Vegas 131-129.

The next week St Peter’s beat Mossley ‘B’ 139-121 while Mossley ‘A’ beat Hyde 131-129. The rearranged match between Mossley ‘B’ and St Peter’s saw them play out a 130 all draw.

The whist league is now very close as Mossley ‘A’ and ‘B’ and St Peter’s are fighting for first and second place.

Ian Carter still leads the darts league a 100 per cent record.

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