Can you help to trace a family?

ARE YOU or do you know of Howard and Carol Marshall?

If so, Brian Taylor wants to speak to you as he tries to trace the family.

After meeting them during a trip to Ilfracombe in Devon in 1969, he became friends with them but lost touch.

However, he recently found out they moved from 48, Hemmings Road, Longsight, Manchester to Stalybridge sometime in the early 1970s.

Now he is attempting to track them down, some 50 years after first meeting them.

“I remember Howard’s father was a lecturer at Manchester University in engineering and he said he wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps,” said Brian who is originally from the valleys in South Wales.

“After getting to know them, I went up and stayed with them for a couple of days and they came down to me.

“They moved from Longsight but I bumped into a friend who told me they lived in Stalybridge.

“Then a group of us met up for the first time in a while and got talking about the family and we wondered if it would be possible to track them down?

“It would be great to speak to them again.”

• IF you are or know the whereabouts of Howard or Carol Marshall, please contact the Stalybridge Correspondent office on 01457 237474 or message us through our Facebook page:

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