Stalybridge motorists face disruption on the roads

MOTORISTS in Stalybridge and Mossley face disruption on the roads.

A diversion will be put in place along Huddersfield Road, Stalybridge.

Sign placed on Huddersfield Road close to Parkhill Nursing Home

Temporary traffic signals will also be in operation 9.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday on the same section of highway to replace existing iron work at the side of the road.

Resurfacing work is also taking place on Huddersfield Road, Stalybridge, for one week beginning Monday, March 11.

The section is between Parkfields and Brushes Road and two-way temporary traffic signals will be in operation between 9.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Three-way traffic signals will also be in operation on Mossley Road while a 450-yard section of retaining wall will be replaced.

The work, which is between the junctions of Luzley Road and the Hartshead Inn, will not be completed until June.

A section of Manchester Road, Mossley, is to be shut during daytime for the next two weekends for road resurfacing works.

The stretch, between Tame Valley Close and Tame Bank Close, will be closed on March 9, 10 and March 16, 17 between 8am to 6pm.

Through traffic will be prohibited, but access to residents and businesses will be available when it is safe to do so.


3 Replies to “Stalybridge motorists face disruption on the roads”

  1. So it looks like every road will be blocked at the same time excellent work Tamesude Council, Excellent.. So let me just reiterate that Huddersfield Rd, Mossley Road and Manchester Road. Cheers for that. How are we supposed to get out of Greenfield to get to Stalybridge or Ashton then. 😢

  2. Retaining wall work? Spending the last of the Euro money before Brexit? This will probably be the end of the retaining wall rebuilding programme.

  3. Tameside council must be using all their money up because Woolley Lane in Hollingworth Hyde is being shut over night for resurfacing. My poor hubby who had just come out of hospital is now not going to get a good sleep day or night!!! Do Tameside Council issue ear plugs i wonder. Think they need to clean the manholes out too because they are permanently blocked sources we have 2 man made streams on Woolley Lane too. Don’t know how the little bridge at the bottom is still standing must have been good workmanship. Those were the days!!

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