Cobbles patch-up corrected after Town Team intervention

A COBBLED road surface has been properly replaced after workmen initially patched up their work with tarmac.

Blandford Street before restoration

Utility contractors working on Blandford Street in Stalybridge left the surface looking strange by laying bitumen on the area where they had removed the vintage stones.

The decision to lay tarmac caused an outcry, with people saying it had ruined a historic part of the town.

Blandford Street was part of the £3 million project to upgrade Stalybridge’s electricity infrastructure, with oil-filled cables that had been there since the 1960s being removed.

Now after an intervention by the Stalybridge Town Team, it is back in its original condition thanks to help from Tameside Council’s highways department.

Blandford Street after cobble restoration

A spokesman for the team said: “Following on from conversations between Stalybridge Town Team Chair Ray Harrison and Tameside Council, contractors have been back on site and reinstated the former cobbles on Blandford Street in Stalybridge.

“Removed by utility contractors carrying out work within the locality it’s a great result to have them back as we look to protect, maintain and build upon our tremendous heritage.”

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  1. A strong piece of advice to Stalybridge for future roadworks. Choose your contractor’s wisely, don’t make the same mistake twice

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