It’s food for thought at caring Copley Academy

COPLEY Academy students demonstrated their caring side to the wider community by not only collecting nearly 100kg of food for the Tameside East Foodbank’s Christmas appeal but also raising £2,004 for the charity.

Particular credit to year 10 students studying GCSE Business, who ran a Christmas fair and raise £500 on their own by putting into practice the skills they learned in the classroom.

Tameside East Foodbank project manager Trisha Jarman said: “I’m overwhelmed with the amount that has been raised, especially with the food the school has given us as well. I wasn’t expecting as much.

“The donation will go into our fund and go towards food. The cost of a single person’s food parcel is approximately £28, so you can imagine how many parcels this donation is going to provide.

“It makes it easier for us as we’re not worrying if we’ve got enough cover.

“This donation is amazing, it will buy a huge amount of food.”

Assistant principal Jo Tidbury said: “Our school has five key values, Genuine, Respectful, Excellence, Achievement and Togetherness and we have been working hard to embed these values in all aspects of school life.

“Each half term has a value focus and any student who goes above and beyond in demonstrating these characteristics is rewarded in our celebration assembly with a GREAT badge.

Last half term about 25 students were rewarded with a Genuine badge.

“The amount of money raised and the food donated is a real testament to our students and families and reflect how we want students to develop as conscientious and responsible people both inside and outside of the classroom.”

The school’s next big charity focus was linked to World Cancer Day on February 4 and included a charity raffle.

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