GMP issue warning as doorstep scammers target Stalybridge residents

POLICE have warned people living in Stalybridge to be aware of potential doorstep scammers.

Several reports have been made of people knocking on doors and offering things in return for money.

Now officers have told people to be aware after the complaints in the Stalybridge South district.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: “Please remember to remain vigilant when persons offer their services in this way.”

They also offered advice to any homeowners who have people turn up offering services at their door.

They added: “You should always check someone’s credentials – a genuine person won’t mind.

“You can phone the company they represent or check online but never use contact details they give you.

“Don’t agree to sign a contract or hand over money at the door. Think about it and talk to someone you trust.

“And never disclose your PIN number or let anyone persuade you to hand over your bank card or withdraw cash.”

Anyone believes a scammer has turned up at their door but they are not in immediate danger has been urged to call the police on non-emergency number 101.

However, people feeling threatened or in danger have been told to call 999.

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