‘Foulplay’ ruled out as investigations begin at Mossley Hollins following footbridge accident

WORK HAS started to establish the exact reason behind an incident that saw a school pupil fall from a footbridge.

But foul play has been discounted and students have been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Students were leaving Mossley Hollins High School shortly after 3pm yesterday when the accident – believed to have seen a glass panel shatter – involving a 12-year-old boy occurred.

The pupil was taken to Tameside Hospital for treatment and the relevant authorities were immediately informed.

Now attentions have turned to why the boy fell and if anything can be done about the exact reasons.

Representatives from Tameside Council and Robertson’s, the company maintaining the building after constructors Carillion went into liquidation, have already been on site.

Headteacher Stuart Marshall also requested glass examination experts to visit the Huddersfield Road complex.

He also moved to dispel any rumours that another pupil may have been involved in yesterday’s event.

He said: “The children were not at fault in any way. I have taken the time to study the events outside the building on CCTV.

“After school and into the evening I worked with our Chair of Governors and we had on site Tameside’s Health and Safety representative and Robertson’s representatives.

“I have been working with Tameside’s Assistant Director of Education who has been with me this morning.

“This morning – at my insistence – and as a further precaution, we are expecting the glass examination experts on site to inspect the glass used in each bridge and interior panel.”

Mr Marshall also closed off the bridge this morning, meaning Hollins’ pupils must use the ‘central stairs’ to get around the building.

He added: “Though we have not been directed to I have also insisted – as a ‘belt and braces’ job – to close off ‘the bridge’ into school and the ‘central stairs’ whilst all H&S of the glass is tested. I will not take risks with our children’s safety.

“I will speak to all students and, with their customary kindness and common sense, we will be able to run lessons as normal.

“I will expect superb conduct on the Arts and Sports stairs as they will be more congested than normal. I will also ensure extra supervision. Students will therefore walk on the left as they move around school as I have suspended our one-way system in the meantime.

“I just want to take the time to thank those parents and children who were so, so supportive, helpful and considerate from the moment the accident happened. It is at times like these that I see just what a caring community we share.”

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