Personal service puts Steve in the fast lane

WHEN is a quote given for your car not the price you will actually receive for your car?

Steve Pearson Car Sales, Stalybridge

But Stalybridge dealer Steve Pearson is intent on turning those frowns upside down with a new scheme that will see him and his staff go to an owner’s house and give a price after a thorough inspection.

Many online services may have the headlines but the thing they are missing is that personal touch. That will all change as he will take your car.

Steve, whose dealership is on Acres Lane, said: “We here would come out to the owner’s house, really inspect the car and then give the price we feel after inspecting it properly.

“We can go and have a look at the car, we can value it and you don’t have any need to go anywhere else.

“Why go to an online company? Ring us and we can come to you and value it properly.

“It’s gives more clarity, more transparency and more flexibility. We’re not going to say, ‘Your car is worth £1,000,’ when it’s not.

“They’re not as thorough as people make out. Often what happens is someone gets a value for their car online, they then take it to a depot for inspection and the price decreases – not all cars are the same.

“That won’t happen with us. Our inspections are thorough and the value we give is what we feel it is worth at the time, not what a computer feels it may be worth.”

With Steve and his staff in front of your face, there is no chance of any dishonesty if you choose to use the service.

As Steve puts it, it would be self-defeating.

He added: “We’re trying to provide a service and we’re always honest.

“You can’t not be honest people as if you look after people, they will come back to you.

“There will be no knocking down of prices when people actually turn up after being quote something higher. We will give people a proper price.”

• If you want Steve Pearson Car Sales to take your car, you can visit Steve Pearson Car Sales at 49-51 Acres Lane, Stalybridge, call him on 0161 303 1222 or find him online at

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