Concerns about safety of former police station

OWNERS of Stalybridge’s former police station were told to re-secure the building or face a pedestrian being hit by a panel.

Former Police Station in Stalybridge

Concerns that boards over the windows at the building are loose were highlighted, especially in the recent Storm Gareth.

And those who own the building were told to get them sorted or they may pose a danger to the public.

Stalybridge South councillor Liam Billington captured the issue on video as Storm Gareth hit hardest on Wednesday, March 13.

And he revealed to the Correspondent the building’s owner – known only as Mr Kerrison – were told to act as soon as possible.

He said: “I walk past there on my way home and I’ve mentioned it to Tameside Council in the past.

“Building control at Tameside has got in touch with the owner saying they have got to re-secure the building as lots of the panels over the windows are either missing or in a state of disrepair.

“My worry is that if one was to come off it could hit a pedestrian or a passing vehicle.”

The Correspondent understands that Mr Kerrison arrived on the afternoon of March 13 to inspect the building and take appropriate action after being prompted by Tameside Council.

Stalybridge police station, on Corporation Street, has laid empty since 2005 with no sign of it being developed.

One plan to turn it into 18 apartments in 2014 by developer IDG Properties fell by the wayside and its look may have an effect on a proposal to redevelop the former market hall, which lies just in front of it.

But Cllr Billington believes the main reason why no-one has transformed it, even though it is thought to have been to auction twice, lies underground.

He added: “From what I know, it’s that the foundations are that sunken in because of the cells in the building.

“When they were transporting prisoners from Manchester to Sheffield, they used Stalybridge police station on several occasions.

“I’m told the building is basically like Fort Knox and with the number of rooms that are actually underground, it’s proving difficult to demolish the building.

“I’ve been told it is part of the masterplan of the town centre redevelopment to develop the building.

However, the things that lie under the ground are making it hard for anyone who wants to.

“And that is a shame as it is in a great location to be turned into a nice set of apartments, particularly with the river nearby.”

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