Carrbrook residents go online to highlight new quarry worries

PEOPLE living in Carrbrook have taken their concerns about the quarry above the village up a level.

The Correspondent previously reported how people are worried at the impact lorries coming to and from the Buckton Vale site are having on the area.

Now people are taking to social media to highlight just how they believe the large wagons are placing people, cars and properties in danger.

Still pictures of loaded vehicles without covers over the top, images of dirty cars and mud on the roads and claims of rocks falling from them regularly mentioned.

A ‘go slow’ of cars to register residents’ anger was also talked about, although that has now been dropped.

They will also raise concerns when Tameside Council discusses an application to extend its use until 2042 by owner W Maher and Sons.

Stuart Crompton, from the group, says he started it after seeing what he felt was people being fobbed off.

The 40-year-old, who lives on South View, said: “I went to a meeting between the residents’ association, the conservation group and Maher but to be honest that seemed a complete waste of time.

“Maher brushed every single question that was asked off, so I suggested outside setting up a Facebook group.

“This effects everyone who lives in the village, so this can make more people know about the problems and hopefully Maher can start listening to everyone’s concerns.

“It’s really to bring awareness of what’s going on. We’ve been sending comments and pictures to councillors in the area and I believe people can attend Speaker’s Panel to voice their concerns to a planning application.

“Our evidence is being saved for that as well.”

A number of people have complained about mud being left on their cars as lorries travel past.

One person claimed her car and her husband’s van have been at the centre of several near misses because wagons have been on the wrong side of the road.

Another, who says she has lived in Carrbrook for more than 30 years, said she has to wash her car every few days because of the muck from lorries, some of which have been going up to the quarry.

People living close to the access route used by lorries believe granting it without a thorough investigation and another look at a traffic assessment survey will see their problems increase.

They also claim wagons are speeding through Carrbrook Village and the introduction of larger 12-wheeled ones has seen a new route being taken along South View rather than Carr Rise.

Jane Hyde and Anne Kennedy, two of the main opponents to Maher’s plan, say they can point to several incidents, even down to lorry drivers blocking roads by parking to take breaks.

Jane said: “If the permission is given, we feel things will only get worse with the wagons that are coming to and from the quarry. 

“I’ve heard people say, ‘Well, the quarry has been there for a long time.’ 

“Yes it has but they should be more respectful with how they are operating.”

Anne, 71, of Thorn Bank, Castle Lane, said: “When a lorry comes down the road, I can’t sit in my front room as the house rattles.

“Maher has stated there has only been one minor incident in the last five years. Most of us on Thorn Bank, Oak Bank and Castle Lane know of at least six. I’ve seen lots of near misses. It’s making our lives a misery.”

Maher and Sons are thought to have told a meeting with a concerned resident it is currently bringing in soil from a site in Glossop to shore up the damaged and dangerously eroded face of the quarry, whose contract will expire in the next month.

But Mr Crompton added: “The pictures and comments have been passed on to the residents’ association but we’ve not heard anything from the council nor the quarry yet.

“People are getting pretty passionate about the issue – Maher may say they are only brining in this material for five weeks or so but what if they need to bring more in, is it going to be a case of five weeks and that’s it?”

W Maher & Sons Ltd were contacted about the Facebook group and residents’ concerns but said they had not been able to access the Facebook group so it would be difficult for them to respond until they had seen the comments.

8 Replies to “Carrbrook residents go online to highlight new quarry worries”

  1. The drivers are bullies in their own right … I have a video of one of the drivers telling me to ‘f off’ I front of my 12 yr old just for challenging the vehicle not being sheeted.
    They have knocked off numerous wing mirrors one recently being reported to the police as failing to stop RTA. They speed up and down frequently and a ‘go slow’ was arranged to raise awareness, sadly some residents didn’t agree so this was quashed. They have been bringing soil into the quarry for over 12 months addressing this to strengthen buttresses, they then tell different residents ‘it’s for 5 weeks’ or ‘short term’. This was told to me by Roy Taylor over 12 moths ago.
    Maher group then come back with ‘we could work Saturdays’ or work until ‘gone 5pm’ in the hope that residents will ‘pipe down’ like they’re doing us a favour!!
    They don’t even have a wheel wash up there but operate brand new expensive wagons, show us some respect and get our village sorted!!!
    The quarry will continue to operate but Maher are continually antagonising residents with their lack of respect. Quit speeding, wash your wheels, pick up your spillage, report accidents, sheet up and be respectful is all we’re asking.

  2. Here here! My children can’t play out front of our house safely due to the numerous trucks and cars that park outside our house at all times of day. The road is so busy that I won’t let my 9 year old cross the road alone…Slow down and respect our community before something awful happens 😡

  3. They should sue the builders . They knew about the lorries . I lived up there for years and when the wagons were early they used to wait at the shops till it was time to go up .we put up with the dirt because they were there first and when I bought my house I knew about the quarry

  4. All wagons should have covers when loaded that’s the law and if they are making enough infringement s and breaking it seems other site and road traffic issues then report them and have their operating license revoked

  5. All wagons should have covers when loaded that’s the law and if they are making enough infringement s and breaking it seems other site and road traffic issues then report them and have their operating license revoked

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