Beavers clean up in Carrbrook

BEAVER Scouts did their bit by helping clean up the Carrbrook area with a litter pick.

The children from the 1st Millbrook Baden-Powell Scouts got their grabbers out to tidy up the area on the evening of Monday, April 29.

And to help them achieve their community badge, kind-hearted businessman Matt Greenly kindly donated 25 litter pickers.

So with their tools in tow, the kids got to work and scooped up all kinds of rubbish from the area.

Mr Greenly, who runs Blue Duck Campers, has a personal connection as his son Jacob was one of those taking part.

“My eldest goes there and when we were talking about doing the clean-up for a badge, he said, ‘We’ll just pick it up with our fingers,’” said Mr Greenly, who lives in Carrbrook.

“That’s not great for kids, so I went out and bought 25 litter pickers for them.”

This is not the first thing Matt, whose company rents out camper vans and motorhomes, has done for Carrbrook.

He helps with the Whit Friday Brass Band Contest that takes place in the village and insisted: “We live in a lovely place and want to keep it that way.”

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