Smile – you’re on camera: CCTV for fly tipping hot spots

FLY TIPPERS may soon be caught on camera as Tameside Council is considering taking portable CCTV to hot spots.

Many were left enraged and disgusted after up to three tonnes of rubbish were dumped at Walkerwood Reservoir near Brushes estate in Stalybridge.

United Utilities, whose land the rubbish was left on, cleared the huge pile away on Friday, April 12 – but that may not be the end of the matter.

Tameside Council is leading an investigation alongside United Utilities and Greater Manchester Police into the incident.

And the Correspondent has learned the authority is giving serious consideration to putting cameras in areas where repeated fly tipping has taken place.

The Correspondent has previously reported on incidents at Stalybridge County Park and Grove Road in Millbrook.

An area close to The Ho Ho restaurant on Manchester Road in Mossley is also regularly blighted by fly tipping.

Tameside Council is considering bringing in mobile CCTV cameras because without a witness or footage, it is very difficult to bring anyone to justice.

Jonathan Reynolds, MP for Stalybridge and Hyde, described the latest incident as “outrageous”.

He said: “Fly tipping is definitely something which has been in the increase in recent times, but this is one of the worst cases I have seen.

“There is a problem in Stalybridge and Mossley on country roads and this case is infuriating as Walkerwood is so beautiful.

“It is a beautiful and tranquil space and it makes me grieve that it is treated this way.”

Mr Reynolds added it is just as easy to take refuse to the council tip on Bayley Street, Stalybridge, than dump it at beauty spots such as Walkerwood.

He added that extensive investigations are taking place as where the refuse came from.

“I would liked to appeal for information as there is a serious criminal element in fly tipping of this scale which is outrageous,” he continued.

Walkerwood is a hidden gem and an area which is overlooked as most visitors head to nearby Dovestone Reservoir.

Campaigners are keen to make Walkerwood a tourist hotspot and a steering group has been formed to explore that further.

Mr Reynolds, who is backing the proposal, added the group is looking at the practicalities of opening up the area and what is needed to make the dream become a reality.

One Reply to “Smile – you’re on camera: CCTV for fly tipping hot spots”

  1. Hi Tony
    We couldn’t believe the eye watering cheek of the latest fly tipping behind our beautiful church in Millbrook. It was Good Friday and we were at our annual reflective service in the afternoon. The service lasted about one hour.
    As we were leaving and walking up the back path away from the church and towards the church car park and squinting into the direction of the sun, we could not believe our eyes. There, dumped between two of the cars on our car park was a fridge freezer and a bed base. What an opportunist, the gate to the car park was open for just over an hour at most. What is the matter with people and what motivates them to dump their rubbish just wherever they want to for someonelse to clear up! Totally irresponsible. What a sad reflection on society today.
    Shirley. Church Warden.

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