Councillor concerned for shops and pub after development of car park

A COUNCILLOR fears for the future of local shops and a pub after work began to build four apartments on the site of a car park sold by Tameside Council.

Cllr Doreen Dickinson opposed the application for the land on Stocks Lane when it came before the planning committee in 2016 and explained it was passed through officer delegation.

She said: “It is an absolute disgrace. The council says it is all for small businesses.

“After losing this car park, there will only be room for five cars on the lay-by on Mottram Road.

“There are two takeaways which generate traffic as well as shops and a post office.

“There will be hardly anywhere for shoppers to park and I fear businesses will not survive.”

Cllr Dickinson claimed the new development ought never to have been given the go-ahead.

She explained: “The traffic situation is horrendous as the apartments will be on a triangle of land which is on a one-way road system.

“As far as I can see there will be no parking for the four apartments.”

Cllr Dickinson is also worried about the impact on the Stocks Inn as hoardings to screen the building work are only feet away from the club.

“In good weather customers at the Stock Inn used to sit out with chairs and tables on the car park, but that will no longer be possible so that could also impact business,” she said.

Cllr Dickinson also pointed to the sale of another council car park next to the Cow’d Feet Club (Lancashire Ward No 2 Conservative Club) on Stamford Street. Apartments are also being built on this land.

In the launch edition of the Correspondent we featured four pieces of council-owned land that had been on a list of possible plots for sale.

The two car parks mentioned have been sold for development and the one at Back Grosvenor Street controversially to supermarket Aldi to extend its existing car park.

The only one that remains unaffected is the one opposite Stalyhill Infants.

The potential sale was again controversial with parents fearing they would be forced on to Stalyhill Drive which was already gridlocked before and after school.

A Tameside Council spokesperson said: “The land at Stalyhill has never been for sale and we have no current plans to dispose of it.

“However, the council will continue to review its landholding and reserves the right to sell land, which helps deliver our corporate plan priorities.”

4 Replies to “Councillor concerned for shops and pub after development of car park”

  1. Just wonder who got the back hander for the Stocks Lane development it’s a disgrace and someone should be held accountable.

  2. Just one in a series. Total disgrace that Tameside MBC approved this. As Tracy says, it would be interesting to see how big the brown envelope was.

  3. Tameside council and Tameside planning working together to sell off Land that the residents of Tameside will never see again. It’s all about adding money to the council budget and lining the pockets of those involved. There is no thought given to alternatives or impact on those affected. I for one have had enough, I will be leaving Tameside at the earliest opportunity. The council needs investigating from top to bottom, shameful wastes of money and decisions made that quite frankly are unbelievable.

  4. With regard to the building next to the cow’d feet club on stamford street stalybridge when are Tameside M B C going to live up to their responsibilities by inspecting the work that is going on as I have seen no gas water electricity or drainage put into this building so come Tameside get your act together and get this building done right or get pulled down and stop washing your hands of these places when you have sold them off
    Nothing to do with me gov attitude.

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