Votes for All Saints It’s off to the polls to elect new head boy and girl

THERE have been the local government and European elections but, more importantly, a poll at All Saints Catholic College, Dukinfield.

It recently took place to find a head boy and girl and their deputies for the 2019-20 school year.

A polling station was set up in the school hall with the election run in an identical manner to a political one.

While there has been apathy in the political elections, that was not the case at All Saints where there was a high turnout.

And when the votes were counted, Toby Hayes was elected head boy and Grace Murray head girl.

The two deputy head boys will be Cameron McWiggan and William Power and deputy head girls MacKenzie Manley and Mya Patel.

Senior prefects for the next school year will be Nisaa Ahmed, Tisha Choksi, Emily Pennington and Katie Pennington.

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