Power of human touch

RESIDENTS at The Millbrook Residential Care Centre discovered the power of the human touch.

They were given a hand massage workshop by Hannah Rosborough from HR Massage Therapies.

Hannah met care centre manager Andy Poll-Dane at a networking event which is how the workshop came about.

“We are always looking to bring in new activities and as this relates to wellbeing it was something which appealed,” he explained.

Hannah, who is based at Physio Team Works, Top Mossley, was already aware of the benefits of hand massage which she had performed on her own mother-in-law when she was in a care home.

This was the first time Hannah had worked at a care home and she was delighted by the feedback as she taught staff and visitors home to perform a simple hand massage.

Her subjects included 100-year-old resident Doris Brown.

Hannah said: “The workshop is designed as a basic introduction to massage to you can learn to give your loved one a gentle and relaxing hand massage when you come to visit them.

“Massage is an excellent way to increase connection and bring comfort to an individual and can be a great way to enhance the time you spent visiting.”

Hannah, who has performed hand massage on those aged between 14 and 100, uses grapeseed, coconut and almond oil and baby oil if the person has a nut allergy.

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