Metrolink to roll into Stalybridge?

STALYBRIDGE may become a future destination for Greater Manchester’s Metrolink system after Mayor Andy Burnham announced major transport plans.

But while the town’s MP Jonathan Reynolds is pleased it is on the agenda, the suggestion of an extension was met with doubts from others.

Mr Burnham unveiled his vision for the future of public transport on Monday, June 24.

And listed under schemes described as ‘interventions with the potential to be delivered by 2025’ was early development of a route realignment for a Metrolink extension to Stalybridge.

Mr Reynolds backed the announcement, which came under a document called Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040, saying it was great to see an extension to Stalybridge listed.

But others suggested otherwise, with Kevin Welsh replying: “Need to sort the trains and buses out before wasting vast amounts of money on Metrolink.”

Stalybridge Conservative councillor Doreen Dickinson also believes a decision to build the trams through could impact on businesses.

She said on Twitter: “I don’t know if the town retail can take any more disruption.

“We lost a lot of retail when the works to bring the canal through the centre were ongoing. Never fully recovered. Depends on route I think.”

Mr Burnham unveiled other plans to change public transport, including the introduction of ‘tram-trains’ along railway lines that run through Hyde to Glossop and Marple.

Also listed in items that may happen beyond 2025 were a new railway station at Dewsnap in Dukinfield and improved frequency of trams on the current line which ends in Ashton.

7 Replies to “Metrolink to roll into Stalybridge?”

  1. The current road infrastructure around Ashton & Stalybridge can barely cope with the current amount of traffic let alone the severe disruption that would be caused by this proposed Metrolink extension, assuming that is that it would follow the roads as it does between Manchester and Ashton.

  2. May …… May not . This is just another publicity stunt by the same group of people just giving the paying public lip service . It won’t happen it’s as simple as that . Ashton to Stalybridge is already gridlocked in rush hour most days so let’s slap a tram down the middle of the road to make it worse . If it goes to a tram train ( what ever one of them is ) why not just paint the trains yellow and call them trams ( this might make them on time ! )

    Just another way of making it look like they are actually doing something …… it’s all smoke and mirrors sadly .

  3. The roads between Ashton and Stalybridge cannot cope with the amount of traffic they already have! The immense amount of disruption that would be caused putting a tramway in, would be awful, to say the least! A decent bus service would be far better?

  4. Sensible option is to link up with the rail tracks from Ashton onwards, but I’m unsure whether they run on the same gauge.

  5. Thinks it’s well needed not everyone can afford to run a car, we need more public transport and less pollution and we might all live better lifestyles

  6. Have you seen the price of metro fares Julie? I think they’re really expensive. The roads are too narrow for trams and like others have said, between Hyde, Stalybridge and Central Ashton there are regular bus routes for relatively short journeys and trains.

    I agree they could improve on both above mentioned services rather than heavily invest in a Metrolink. We could also learn from our City – rental of bikes and safe storage, introduce cycle lanes would be, in my view a proactive way to reduce road congestion and pollution while providing healthier options for travel.

  7. Would love to see the route planning from Ashton to stalybridge.. and I think it will take a lot of cars off the roads between stalybridge and Ashton

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