Crackdown on litter louts in Stalybridge

A CRACKDOWN on littering in Stalybridge is on the cards after a narrowboat visitor sent a withering email of his observations of cleanliness in the town.

Stalybridge councillor David Sweeton, who is chair of Tameside Council’s liquor licencing committee, is demanding action.

Cllr Sweeton is considering a ‘late night levy’ on restaurants, takeaways and bars to generate funds for extra clean ups as he believes most of the issues relate to night-time. Other councils already operate such a policy.

He is also asking the public for ideas about how to tackle littering in the town.

Cllr Sweeton spoke of one particular recent incident, explaining: “There was a clean up and litter pick on the Saturday in the town centre.

“When I was in Stalybridge on the Sunday I was horrified by the amount of litter.

“It was mayhem, absolutely disgusting as the previous night there was none.

“I want to generate a conversation on the issue and say to people this behaviour and attitude is not acceptable.”

Ray Harrison, Stalybridge Town Team chair, did not think the issues are as serious as portrayed in the email.

He said: “We have litter and plastic bottles like any other town but always try to police and keep this to a minimum.

“We have 20 to 30 volunteers who meet every month and other times to carry clean ups, litter picking, removing bushes, shrubs and painting the locks.

“We pride ourselves on the town centre and the community are also very inclusive and supportive.”

Cllr Clive Patrick, who represents Stalybridge South, said: “Stalybridge does have its problems, one of which is litter, but I don’t think they are as black as Joseph paints.

“The solutions to such problems are also not for want of trying, on your part, on the part of the Town Team, councillors and other partners.

“However, none of us are complacent and whatever ones political hue or organisation we strive for the betterment of Stalybridge.”

2 Replies to “Crackdown on litter louts in Stalybridge”

  1. Litter not just at night. I clean my shop front most mornings and by lunch time there is more litter blown in front of my shop. Cigarette ends, Gregg’s bags and cans to name a few. Cleaned up behind our shops before going on holiday, now bottles and cans from youths at night.
    Fines for litter dropping would pay for someone to cover the town and educate people to use bins or take litter home.
    Could we afford to have divided bins for recycling like you find at airports and more of them?
    Grosvenor Square is so dirty and unkempt that it encourages bad behaviours. The attitude council doesn’t care why should we prevails.
    Hope you find the answer.

  2. As I walked along the canal towards Tesco recently I passed a young boy (about 10) and his mother eating a takeaway from polystyrene boxes. When he finished, he dropped the lot (box and lots of papers) right there on the pavement and just carried on walking. His mother never said a thing 😕 although I was so close to asking him to pick it up….I’m too old for any bother now. Let’s educate the kids to that they can teach their parents how to be better people.

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