Flytippers cause outrage in Millbrook

FLYTIPPERS have sparked anger after dumping rubbish around Millbrook and Brushes in separate incidents.

One van, described as carrying two Asian men, was seen ditching two loads of rubbish on the same day.

And in another incident, believed to be unrelated, a local postal address and an email registered as belonging to a company in Blackburn, Lancashire, were discovered.

The Correspondent previously reported Tameside Council was considering introducing mobile CCTV in an effort to combat the problem.

But Gary Rothwell, of Carrbrook Fishing Club, believes something more permanent is needed.

After witnessing bricks and wood being dumped from the same van in incidents four hours apart on a privately owned stretch of Elms Road, he said: “Something needs to be done, either a CCTV camera putting up or a gate putting across Brushes Road.

“There used to be one several years ago, so maybe something like that can be brought back – a gate that’s closed during darkness or out of hours maybe.

“I saw a Ford Transit tipper truck pull up with the registration plate W48 MKU at 2pm on Saturday, June 15.

“Two lads wearing hi-vis vests jumped out and dumped a load of bricks, then at 6pm the same day I saw them pull up and leave a load of wood.

“I’d say they were both 20-35-years-old. It’s unbelievable. They just pulled up in the van and left all the mess at the side of the road.

“I’ve spoken to Tameside Council and it needs CCTV putting there or something like that on Brushes Road.

“However, that comes with its own problems. Say a van is seen going up full and back empty, the owners can still plead that nothing was dumped.

“A gate there would be the ideal solution I suppose but there are residents living in that area. However, at least something can be done to close it off out of hours.”

Mr Rothwell believes the increase in fly tipping is because of the high cost involved in using proper tips.

But he added: “I saw them do it twice and there are thought to have been another two occasions where the same van was spotted. It was also linked to an incident in Greenfield on the Sunday.
“People like that are ruthless, absolutely ruthless.”

In another fly tipping case, packaging relating to a boiler was also dumped.

The Correspondent has previously reported cases of the same rubbish being left but this time there is a lead.

A member of the public, who did not want to be named, found the rubbish on Wednesday, June 19.

However, he said: “There is a delivery address with it and an email relating to a company.
“I searched it and it belongs to a company in Blackburn.

“I hadn’t been down to that area for a while but it appears to have been targeted again.

“This is an ongoing issue with what appears to be a plumber and it needs sorting.”

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