Pupils say thanks to coaches TLG sessions make huge impact

PRIMARY school pupils said ‘thank you’ to the volunteers that have made such a difference to both their progress and character during the last year.

Every week, ‘coaches’ from Revive Church in Millbrook head to Milbrook Primary School to carry out an hour long Transforming Lives for Good (TLG) session.

It may not sound much, making things like Angry Birds pinatas, paper planes and skittles featuring Minions characters.

But the impact has been far bigger and as the school approached the end of term, the seven children repaid their coaches’ efforts with flowers and cards.

Judith Parr, children and community worker with Revive Church, said: “We do arts and crafts with the children but have also worked on their emotional development or confidence.

“That’s something that has shown up with the work we’ve done with them as the program developed.

“And the response from the school, which says across the board all seven children’s work has improved, has been great.

“Each child has had one coach who stays with them for the whole of the school year and what we do can also have an effect both out of school and in later life, that’s the idea about building some resilience and confidence to go on.”

Andrew Chadwick, head of the Revive Church on Huddersfield Road, added: “We’ve had really positive feedback, all the staff with pupils who’ve been through the programme say they’ve grown in confidence.

“It’s also about growing future aspirations, which is particularly important in Year 6 pupils who are moving up to secondary school.

“This programme can help them make good choices and we’ve also done work with them on making positive friendships and what good friendships are.”

All the children received a book detailing the work they had done over the course of the year as parents also attended the ceremony.

And Elizabeth Turner, headteacher at the Bank Road school, saluted what they have done – and will do as TLG sessions will again operate in the next school year.

She said: “On behalf of Millbrook Primary, I’d like to say thank you to all the coaches.

“You may not realise but you’ve all made a massive impact to the children. That one-on-one time is something precious and it makes such a big difference to have that one person who’s just there for them.

“It’s given confidence to all the children.”

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