Peers in Schools brings Lord Goddard to West Hill

PUPILS at West Hill School, Stalybridge, were captivated by a visit from a member of the House of Lords.

Lord Goddard, 66, visited West Hill as part of the ‘Peers in Schools’ programme which encourages students to become more engaged with the political and parliamentary process.

He met year nine students to talk about the work and role of the House of Lords, followed by a question and answer session on various aspects of the parliamentary process and life in the Houses of Parliament generally.

They grilled Lord Goddard for almost 90 minutes about his views on a wide range of issues including Brexit, global warming, Liberal Democrat policies, Jeremy Corbyn, would he vote for Boris Johnson, who was the best prime minister David Cameron or Theresa May and what he enjoyed most about being a lord.

Lord Goddard, made a Liberal Democrat life peer in 2014, also spoke about his remarkable journey from a council house estate to the House of Lords having left school with no qualifications.

“If I can do it, anybody can,” was the former gas engineer’s inspirational message saying he still finds it hard to believe mixing with the Archbishop of Canterbury and other bishops.

The visit was arranged through the Lord Speaker’s ‘Peers in Schools’ outreach programme which was launched in September 2007. Members of the House of Lords have since visited more than 2,000 schools across the country and spoken to around 100,000 pupils in support of the citizenship curriculum.

Headteacher Alan Harrison said: “This was a fantastic opportunity for our students to interact with someone who knows the parliamentary system inside out, as it can sometimes seem far removed from their daily lives, but they have had a thorough insight into the workings of Westminster.”

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