MP Jonathan Reynolds backs community group bid to save Stamford Park conservatory

JONATHAN Reynolds, MP for Stalybridge and Hyde, has called on Tameside Council to engage in talks with the Save The Stamford Park Greenhouse community group.

Jonathan Reynolds MP

Mr Reynolds has reiterated an earlier pledge that he wants to see the conservatory saved.

It came in the wake of criticisms of the MP at a public meeting called by the community group when several members of the public said they had contacted the MP but received replies saying he could not intervene.

Mr Reynolds said: “I fully back the campaign to save Stamford Park conservatory and have done from the beginning.

“When constituents get in touch about any issue, I always make clear if something is my decision to make as an MP or if another body is responsible, and in this case it is clearly within the council’s remit.

“However, I have made my opinion that the conservatory should be saved and made clear to the council that a community solution should be found.

“I remain fully supportive of the constructive efforts to save this community asset, and believe the council just needs to engage with the public about this and be prepared to listen to alternative proposals.”

About 50 people attended the public meeting at West Hill School on Wednesday, August 7 when it was revealed there had been a six month stay of execution following the intervention of Historic England which has accepted the community group’s application to have the conservatory listed.

That will enable Historic England to survey the site and make a decision on whether it should be listed.

2 Replies to “MP Jonathan Reynolds backs community group bid to save Stamford Park conservatory”

  1. It would be such a shame and an absolute travesty to lose this building, it’s great to hear of so many people voicing their disapproval of this even being considered. This building when restored is a place of learning and place for families to experience unusual and foreign fauna otherwise out of reach to the general public. It is shameful that it has been allowed to get into such a sad state of repair

  2. Glad that Mr Reynolds is continuing to support this initiative, but I’d like to see more than words from him. There mus be something he or his team can do to ensure that this building dies not get demolished without a full public consultation. The fact that the local council are seemingly not accountable to anyone for their actions, is surely under his remit too??

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