Scouts make a splash

SCOUTS made a splash as they enjoyed a stint on the water, writes Mia-Rose Power.

The 3rd Ashton Scout Group visited Stamford Park’s boating lake where they spent a couple of evenings taking part in a range of activities.

The group consisted of young girls and boys from the group’s Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, who meet weekly in St James’ Church in Ashton on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

While the younger Beavers and Cubs used their team-working skills in groups on peddle boats around the lake, the older Scouts were busy building a raft which they managed to keep afloat using wooden planks, rope and plastic barrels.

Only one of the children fell overboard but the brave young Cub was quick to climb back on board to continue her trip on the lake.

Darren, the Cub leader, said the trip was a challenge but they succeeded and all got out on the water for an entertaining evening of team fun.

The group was guided by Tina, the Scouts leader, along with Karen, Graeme, Richard and Shell from Ridge Hill Enterprise Ltd.

She thanked them all for looking after the Scouting group, stating it was ‘well worth the visit’.

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