West Hill High School ‘positive and proud’ as students celebrate GCSE results

RAMIM Rahman achieved most grade nine GCSE passes at West Hill High School.

The 16-year-old from Ashton notched five in history, maths, biology, chemistry and English literature. He also gained one eight, one seven and two sixes as well as an A in further maths.

Ramim described getting the results as a “massive weight off my shoulders”.

He said: “I was confident but more nervous in the last few days wondering it I had made mistakes.

“You cannot prepare for results day and I was trembling on the walk to school.

“I had been hoping to one or two grade nines but did not expect five.”

Ramim revealed his strategy for the GCSE exams saying he would do a little and often and do mini tests before going to bed.

He is to study for A Levels in maths, biology and chemistry at Ashton Sixth Form College and would like to go to university and eventually become a medical researcher.

Headboy Bradley Gore, from Ashton, also had an outstanding series of results, two grade nines in religious education and music, four eights and three sevens.

Bradley, who is to study A Levels in music, music technology and German at Xaverian College, said: “I did better than expected and was over the moon with the results.

“I was pretty calm as I had put in the work and whatever I got I would have deserved.”

Bradley joked it had been more stressful being head boy and in charge of the prefects and speaking at the remembrance service in Stalybridge.

He is hoping to have a career in the music industry and plays the saxophone and piano and plays in the band MU23 (named after the school’s music room) which was formed by eight students two years ago.

The band recently won a contest at Manchester’s iconic Band On The Wall which featured eight or nine different bands

Adam Iqbal, from Ashton, had a nine in maths, two eights, two sevens, three sixes and one five and A* in further maths.

“I thought I might get a nine in physics, but got an eight, but overall I was pleased,” he said.

Adam revealed he began revising last year saying it is best to do it early and not leave it late.

He will study for A levels in maths, physics and economics at Ashton Sixth Form College and he wants to pursue a career in finance.

Thomas Davidson, from Copley, gained grade nines in music and chemistry, four eights and two sevens.

He was the West Hill student who had made most progress from his projected grades.

Thomas revealed he once lacked motivation but he did well with a chemistry test in year seven which proved a watershed in his education.

He will study for A Levels in maths, chemistry and biology at Ashton Sixth Form College and wants to read either bio-mechanics or medicine at university and eventually have a career creating medicines or in manufacturing.


Hadyn Hawksworth, from Ashton, achieved two grade eight, five sevens and two sixes which he was pleased with.

He will study for A Levels at either Oldham Hume Grammar or Ashton Sixth Form College in business, biology, maths and psychology.

Cameron Dale, from Stalybridge, achieved five grade eight passes, two sevens, one six and one five and a B pass in further maths.

He will take A Levels in maths, physics and law at Ashton Sixth Form College.

Headteacher Alan Harrison was pleased with the overall results saying there were “lots to be positive and proud about”.

“There were some very positive outcomes in attainment and progress which was down to team work involving boys, teachers and parents/carers,” he said.

Pupils at West Hill achieved 22 grade nine passes which are the equivalent as A** in the old system of grading and 96 grade seven passes which equated to an A pass.

Eight boys achieved five or more grade eight and nine passes and 21 students had three or more passes between grades seven and nine.

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