Nathan hailed a hero after cliffside rescue

A STALYBRIDGE schoolboy has been hailed a hero after his role in a cliffside rescue after his grandfather slipped and broke his leg.

Nathan Anderson-Moores kept his cool after Philip Blanchard fell in a remote location near Eyemouth in the Scottish borders.

In fact, his actions were so decisive he was invited back to the fire station that helped a major rescue operation.

Nathan ran back to the caravan he and his grandfather were staying in to get a mobile phone then alerted relatives before he returned to Mr Blanchard.

He stopped a passing fisherman and a tourist who dialled 999 then stood over his grandad with an umbrella before running back to the caravan park and giving the emergency services detailed instructions.

Firefighters formed a human chain to lift Mr Blanchard up the cliff to a waiting coastguard helicopter.

Nathan, 11, was walking down to a rocky cove to go fishing when his 62-year-old grandfather, who lives in Delph, slipped and broke his thigh bone on Tuesday, August 6.

But rather than panic, some of the skills he picked up at 6th Ashton Scout group kicked in.

Proud mum Joanne Moores, who lives in Mottram Rise in Stalybridge, said: “He’s a hero. We’re all very proud of him.

“Phil’s now recovering well. He was in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for 10 days.

“Nathan is usually quite calm and laid back but what he has done at Scouting definitely played a huge part in what he did.”

Nathan’s feats were all the more remarkable for the fact his mother, 52, was back in Stalybridge after spending time with them in Eyemouth.

But the call meant a 212-mile journey back, which took about five hours because of poor weather with some of the roads closed.

Joanne added: “We had all been for the weekend and Nathan and his grandad were staying for the week.

“They went out on a fishing expedition when Phillip slipped. It could have happened to anyone.

“The emergency services did not know where they were at first so Nathan had to show them and instruct them how to get down the cliff edge. It all took quite a while.”

Eyemouth Community Fire Station detailed the rescue mission and called Nathan a hero before he was given a tour.

And Joanne explained: “Both Nathan and the emergency services explained what went on.
“When he was invited to the fire station, more of the story unfolded.

“What happened was given to me in much more detail.”

A spokesman for the station said: “We met him to say well done for summoning and guiding emergency services to his grandad who had slipped on rocks breaking his femur.

“Eleven-year-old Nathan stayed calm and passed all requested information.

“He was taken to get dried off and looked after so we missed telling him how well he did.

“He was visiting his grandad who had an operation to pin his femur but is getting there. We wish Phillip all the best in his recovery.”

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