Carrbrook Angling Club ‘damaged’ over Millbrook dam ‘attack’ report

A FRUSTRATED fishing club boss believes reports over an ‘attack’ at one of its waters is damaging it.

A 62-year-old man said he was set upon by two men he confronted for allegedly stealing fish from Millbrook Dam.

Millbrook dam

It is claimed the pair – believed to be Romanian – then took the man’s phone and threw it in the water before shoving him to the ground and assaulted him on the morning of Thursday, September 5.

But Gary Rothwell, chairman of Carrbrook Angling Club which manages the water, said the reports are harming his association and hit out at the lack of action from the police.

Insisting what was said did happen, he continued: “We need people to come forward and say, ‘I did see it.’

“That’s what we need, someone to say this really happened.

“And it did but we’ve got nothing at all. Now it’s putting people off from joining the club as they think it’s not safe.

“Normally, I’d be getting calls from people wanting to pay the £540 a year that enables them to fish our waters but the phone is not ringing.

“It’s damaging to us and that’s how we work – the damage will be felt for a long time.”

Gary has spoken to the member who claims he was attacked.

He added: “The man’s been contacting me saying, ‘What’s going on?’ but I’m having to say, ’Nothing. We can’t prove anything.’

“Normally after 7.30am that area is so busy, so how anyone hasn’t seen anything is beyond me. It’s absolutely bewildering.

“Now the area isn’t as busy as normally it’s women who are out walking their dogs from 5am.“I’ve contacted the police on two or three occasions but so far I’ve heard nothing. You can’t imagine the frustration from our side.

“We’ve not even had any reassurance from anyone. Not even a thing to say, ‘We’ll put a couple of patrols there or send PCSOs up.’”

Millbrook Dam is an area not covered by CCTV and so far there have been no suggestions that Tameside Council or the police will look at installing some.

And the cost means Carrbrook Angling Club cannot do so privately.

Mr Rothwell added: “We’re a struggling club and we can’t afford to put CCTV in ourselves.

“Now the club is getting a bad name. It’s a nightmare.”

Carrbrook Angling Club has been behind recent renovation work of Millbrook Dam after the dam started to collapse.

Crews of youngsters from the Works4U group have been putting in the hours to create new bridges, pathways and carry out improvements.

The next stage will see them shortly return and install railings on one of the bridges in the area.

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