Parking plan for Raja’s store

BOSSES at a Carrbrook store are attempting to ease parking problems by adding seven spots outside it, even though there is a car park just yards away.

Owners of Raja’s on Huddersfield Road have lodged an application to install the places outside its front entrance.

That area has seen frequent problems with people leaving their cars on the main road, even though double yellow lines have been put down and bollards put in.

But this latest scheme will see vehicles able to drive off the carriageway on to the new area, currently the forecourt of the premises, and back on to it.

However, the exit would be close to a mini roundabout at the junction of Huddersfield Road, Buckton Vale Road and Crowswood Drive.

Letters have been sent out to people living nearby by Tameside Council alerting them of the application, which comes after owner Hassan Ali consulted local councillors Adrian Pearce, Jan Jackson and Sam Gosling.

They brought forward a proposal to open up the area at the front of the store to parking, including better access for disabled people.

Cllr Pearce said: ‘It is vital that we retain local shops and services in Carrbrook and we should do everything that we can to ensure a safe environment for our residents.

“For Mr Ali to bring forward this major improvement, at his own expense, shows how much he values the custom and safety of his local community.”

Mr Ali, who is also currently developing four retails units on the site with four apartments above them, is mindful of the parking issues.

He explained: “Though the council recently put up bollards, it hasn’t stopped people parking on Huddersfield Road.

“In fact, it has made it more dangerous as they cannot park on the pavement which causes more congestion on the road.“We prefer customers to use our car park and ask them to do so, but we cannot make them as it is their choice where they park.

“Though the bollards and the road don’t belong to us, we get the blame when something happens.

“If we can do anything to make it better by providing parking for the disabled and a couple of other extra spots in front of the shop, we are more than happy to do so.”

2 Replies to “Parking plan for Raja’s store”

  1. I don’t think Mr Ali is doing it all for the good of the community, he is doing it because he is a business man and wants to expand his empire and he wants that car parking at the back for an alternative use.

    It will be extremely dangerous for the front to be opened up right near to the roundabout. If the current bollards are not working, I am sure the Council has other means in order to stop people parking there!

    Who are you kidding Mr Ali? Please don’t insult our intelligence!

  2. I often almost collide with the shop’s van parked on double yellow lines facing the oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the road, while they’re offloading their stock in the morning. It’s beyond dangerous because it’s right near the mini roundabout and there’s traffic coming the opposite way. Proposing to make this area ‘car parking’ spaces? Madness!

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