Locals voice anger over red tape around Remembrance poppies

A STALYBRIDGE shopkeeper has branded it as “disgusting” after traders have been refused to attach poppies to lampposts in the town centre for Remembrance Sunday commemorations because of health and safety reasons.Peter Taylor, owner of electrical contractors E Taylor and Sons, is unhappy with the knockback from Tameside Council as they wanted to repeat what they did last year.

“Why do the lampposts need to be stress and push tested when the plastic poppies are so light they hardly weigh anything?” he said.

Ian Saxon, director of operations and neighbourhoods, in a letter to Peter, wrote: “I regret that we are not able to support your request and confirm that last year was a ‘one-off’ to commemorate the centenary for the end of the First World War.

“The council has stringent health and safety guidelines it has to comply with including stress/push testing of lamp columns and this is a service we would need to procure and we do not have the budget for it.

“I hope you can understand the reason for refusal.”

Peter had sought permission to fix poppies to the lampposts between November 1 and 4 and remove them after November 10.

He added ironically banners were attached to lampposts in the town for the recent Tour of Britain cycle race.

“I can only assume those lampposts were stress and push tested beforehand. You get all sorts of things attached to lampposts,” added Peter.

As an alternative, the Stalybridge traders asked and have been given permission by Tameside Council to Ty-Rap the poppies to trees on Melbourne Street.

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  1. It’s an absolute joke exactly they can advertise what they want but what the people of Stalybridge want is irrelevant
    It’s a bit like when it suits its their land their rules TMBC really are a rubbish council

    1. How on earth do artificial poppies pose a health and safety risk? It was so nice to see the tributes around the town last year. To refuse permission on the flimsiest of excuses is disgusting. Jobsworths!

  2. Ok so if the lamp posts were stress/push tested for the weight of the cycle banners and the poppies last year please can we see the report of this for proof that this is not just TMBC saying no and using H&S to hide behind.

    1. Appeal on their decision quote they allowed cycle banners to be displayed and they are much
      heavier that the plastic poppies you wish to fit.
      Wonder what they will come up with in their answer ?

  3. I recon Ian Saxon must be over paid and under qualified for the job is he seriously telling us if we go to Stalybridge we are in danger of a lamppost falling on us because he hasn’t got the funds to check them yet they found £69 million for new offices, this Shameside labour run council needs to be ashamed, the people of Tameside want to see our poppies and give homage to our fallen heroes.

  4. Sounds to me like the Council is run by the Corbynistas and they dont really know what the Poppy’s represent, I would just put them up anyway (preferably in the middle of the night, so they can’t be sure who done it)

  5. Keith above is correct of course.

    Jacko – More like the Corbynistas DON’T LIKE what they represent. So called “Labour” party a bunch of terrorist-loving traitors. Sadly the misguided folk of our borough keep voting them in. “Me dad voted labour, me granddad voted labour, etc, etc”

  6. As a qualified Safety Representative and having sourced various publications regarding street lamps of varying designs and in particular the types of lamp columns in Stalybridge Town centre I have not managed to find any mention of stress testing regarding the attachment of banners, posters or POPPIES.
    I suggest that very regular telephone calls are made to Tameside highways department or ask TMBC which publication or individual implicated this “strict adherence to health and safety” and maybe remind them of their health and safety obligations when it comes to the vast amount of breaches it commits on a daily basis.
    So no Christmas lights in Ashton-under-Lyne next then?

  7. The council should not have an opinion on what the community want in respect to veterans of some are homeless and many needing mental health – so not letting us put the Poppy’s up means we don’t respect what our country and our people have done!

  8. Another ridiculous EU health and safety rule. The sooner we leave and the better. Maybe common sense will re introduced.

  9. Ian Saxon needs to get his facts right first before commenting. Last year marked the centennial of the armistice. The centenary of the end of World War One is this year. The treaty of Versailles, which marked the end of the war, was signed June28, 1919 typical of council figures to get things wrong.

  10. WHAT!!!!!! The poppy Is a symbol of unity, it is a physical image of the whole community remembering those who served this country when all needed to pull together to overcome adversity and hardship. How can Tameside council, in good faith, fail in it’s duty to SERVE the people, yes the PEOPLE, that is why they are in their positions, to serve the borough. To use such a feeble excuse is beyond stupid. The cost is an excuse to do nothing!!!!! The very act of comming together as a community needs to be encouraged and applauded, not used as political point scoring and game playing. Tameside council and all who are involved in this decision should be ashamed of themselves. The poppy is above such political tomfoolery and should be respected as such.

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