Massimo has specs appeal

A STALYBRIDGE man has wowed a national awards after winning a prize at the Spectacle Wearer of the Year ceremony.

Massimino Malacrino found himself among celebrities including Dame Joan Collins and host Rylan Clark-Neal on London’s Northumberland Avenue on Tuesday, October 8.And he walked away with the Kidscape Award, presented by pop star Tulisa.

The 49-year-old, who lives on The Lock, found himself on the shortlist for the £10,000 prize that is sponsored by Specsavers after sharing a selfie online.

He missed out on the honour, which was won by Katarzyna Ring, but he certainly made an impression with a rousing speech to the dignitaries after picking up the Kidscape prize.

A tearful Massimino said: “I had the NHS glasses and I had a plaster on the side. I was bullied and hid my glasses.

“I went through all that in the 1970s and 1980s but became a rebel and stood up to them.”

Massimino had already received a prize from the Specsavers branch in Ashton, along with Leejay Jenkins-Skinner, who was also nominated.

Both were invited to visit and receive a bottle of champagne, a certificate and a £129 glasses voucher.

It was not all about looking good at the awards. Dame Mary Perkins presented the annual Dame Mary Perkins Award for eye health to optometrist Emma Ginger.

Ms Ginger, who works Specsavers’ branch in Exeter, Devon, received the accolade in recognition of saving the life of a patient with a rare brain condition.

Ms Ginger had spotted Megan Turner’s optical nerve was badly swollen and referred her urgently to hospital. She was later diagnosed and treated for intercranial hypertension.

During the evening a number of celebrities were recognised, with comedian Sue Perkins winning an accolade for her Services to Specs and Celebs Go Dating personality Tom Read Wilson named Best Newcomer.

Specsavers’ annual Spectacle Wearer of the Year awards is held every year in support of anti-bullying charity Kidscape. The event raised £100,000 for the organisation.

Ambassador Oti Mabuse told how she was picked on when she was younger.

The Strictly Come Dancing star said: “Kids used to call me ‘four eyes’ but I always say four are better than two.

“To anyone who is experiencing bullying I would say ‘own it’ – love yourself and your glasses.
“They are cool and of course they are there for a reason, so you can see.

“You are beautiful because of who you are not what you look like.

“I believe people should be proud to wear glasses. Embrace them, they are part of who you are and you are fabulous!”

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