Abandoned house is ‘danger to children’

THE SEARCH is on to find out exactly who owns an abandoned house which people living nearby believe could be a danger to children.

Over the last eight years, efforts have been made to track down whoever has the deeds to the property on Broadbent Close, Carrbrook, to no avail.

Now residents who have to put up with the sight of the overgrown garden believe it is an accident waiting to happen as youngsters in the area use the area to play in.

And housing group Mosscare St Vincent’s is leading efforts to establish exactly whose responsibility the property is.

Linda McLarnon told a meeting of members of Carrbrook Community Hub: “It’s been abandoned since Adam was a lad.

“The garden has become overgrown over the years, even back when we had the Community Co-operative.

“Everyone, including Tameside Council, has tried to find out exactly who owns it but so far nobody has.

“Now in that area there are several young children under the age of 10 and kids play in places like that because of their sense of adventure.

“However, there is rubbish and glass in there and it’s a danger.”

Cath Coombe, of Mosscare St Vincent’s, who own several properties in the area, confirmed she will pass on queries to bosses.

However, the mystery over who owns it means nothing can yet be tidied up or worked on until ownership is established.

One thing Mosscare can definitely work on, though, are loose steps leading to the bungalows in that area.

One resident complained they were proving dangerous to people living in them, many of whom are elderly are unsteady on their feet.

Cath was even told how a previous attempt to fix them failed as workmen are believed to have used plaster rather than cement.

However, she said a full repair will take place in the coming weeks.

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