Carrbrook phone box to be saved by adoption?

THE fight is on to stop the loss of a red telephone box in Carrbrook that has been earmarked by BT for removal.

And the Correspondent understands an application has been made to adopt it for community use.

Carrbrook village phone box

Notices were placed on the box, which is situated close to the junction of Buckton Vale Road and Carrbrook Road, that it will be moved if no-one wants it.

A combination of factors, including the fact there is good mobile phone coverage in the area and the fact it has been very rarely used in the past 12 months, are behind the decision to put it on the endangered list.

Now moves are being made to take on the phone box and convert it into something that can be used by the community, with the Carrbrook Community Hub being linked.

People can adopt it for just £1 and can convert it. Phone boxes around the country have been transformed into a library, a museum and even a nightclub.

There is a plan to adopt one in the Gee Cross area of Hyde.

And Stalybridge South councillor Clive Patrick, who himself lives close to the site in Carrbrook, is delighted someone wants to take it on.

He said: “It is marvellous to think that our local example of such an important feature of the British street scene will hopefully get a new life and purpose, therefore allowing future generations to come to love something that the current generations have come to know and love.

“It is a great shame that BT are even contemplating taking this step, especially here in Carrbook, because this one was marked with a Golden Crown indicating that BT had regarded it as one they wanted to save.“However I am afraid I can see the other side of the argument, in this world of 4G/5G phones that allow us to do even more than just talk and in a world where almost everyone one cares such devices, these decisions will have to be made.

“But let’s hope as I have already said a new lease of life can be given to this one especially as it is in a conservation area.”

Other phone boxes earmarked by BT for removal have had signs placed on the outside, making members of the public more aware of their status.

In this example, the signs were placed inside but Cllr Patrick, who also sits on the Carrbrook Residents Association, believes nothing underhand went on.

He added: “I think there is unlikely to be a sinister reason that the sign in Carrbook was on the inside of the box unlike signed on boxes elsewhere in Tameside.

“I imagine that it is just a case of to cover phone boxes around the borough different people posted the signs in different ways.”

The Carrbrook box is just one of a number in the area that may be removed by BT as part of a national scheme.

It was agreed the Carrbrook Conservation Panel would take on the matter and has written to BT about it.

However, unless any application is formally lodged and considered by Friday, November 15, the box looks likely to be removed.

It is thought the initial consultation process, which is now over, resulted in a decision to take the landmark out.

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