Christine celebrates feeling fabulous for golden anniversary during Slimming World’s 50th year

REACHING target weight during 2019 is extra special for Christine Cook as she celebrates her golden wedding anniversary feeling spectacular!

It is also a special year for Slimming World which is celebrating its 50th anniversary too.

In May, Christine became one of Slimming World’s newest target members and has successfully lost 1st 6lb at her group in Stalybridge.

Christine has lost weight following the Extra Easy plan to achieve her dream target weight and would not miss her weekly group for anything.

She said: “Over my lifetime I have followed every diet known to man so I did not know if this would be for me.

“I decided to give it a go and have been amazed how easy it is to follow. Being prepared and buying the right foods and following the plan just works. It really is not a diet, it is very much a healthy way of life.

“I’m delighted to have reached my Target Award and it feels even more special in not only Slimming World’s 50th birthday year but also my 70th birthday year and our golden wedding year.

“I truly love my Slimming World group. I continue to attend with my daughter-in-law Claire, who inspired me to join after seeing how successful she was.

“Claire herself is fast approaching her target, with only 2lbs to go. She will have lost three stone when she achieves her target.

“Seeing others achieve their dreams is so inspiring and I have made friends with many of the slimmers. We are a true community of people and it feels amazing to be a part of this.”

The members at Christine’s group have lost an amazing 5,004 lbs altogether so far this year.

Weight loss alongside care and compassion continues to be at the fore front of the support at each Slimming World group.

All of the members and consultant Maria wish Christine and her husband Ronnie the very best for their 50th golden anniversary.

To join the Stalybridge group, which is held every Saturday at 7.30am, 9.30am or 11.30am at The Bridge Inn, Stalybridge, pop along or give Maria a call on 07711 540 115.

For more information about Slimming World go online:

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