Pupils are traffic police to make streets safer

CHILDREN from Millbrook Primary have been policing the streets around their school.

The school’s seven strong safety squad has also been issuing warning tickets to drivers whose cars have not been parked safely and even illegally.

And following the success of the recent exercise, it is to be repeated during safety week which begins in the week starting Monday, November 4.

Pupils from year five will again be going out each morning and issuing tickets to drivers who have offended.

Teacher Emma Rawson explained there have been parking and safety issues around Millbrook Primary for years because of the streets which are tight and congested.

She said: “Myself and my colleague Vicky Paul met Tameside Council’s community team to discuss the problems.

“They have loaned us pop up models of patrol crossing wardens and signs which caretaker Lee Harding put out each morning.”

The safety squad, comprising pupils from years three to six, then went out of patrols.

Emma said: “The children decided if a car in not parked safely.

“They looked if it was on zig-zag lines, on a corner or maybe on the pavement which would not allow a buggy to pass.”

Emma is confident the initial campaign will have made an impact.

She continued: “By involving the children we have sparked conversations about not parking safely.

“It also prompted dialogue between children and parents about not parking near school.

“It seems to have worked as the week after our campaign parents, who normally picked up outside school, were driving further down the road.

“Apart from road safety, there is the question of health and air pollution which can cause asthma.”

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