Leaders clash in snooker league

WEEK seven of the Stalybridge Snooker League saw Hyde CC and Mossley ‘A’, the two top snooker teams, cross cues in Hyde where the home team triumphed 4-1.St Peter’s won 3-2 at Mossley ‘B’ and Staly Labour beat Hyde Club 5-0.

In the whist league there were wins for St Peter’s and Mossley ‘A’.

Seven weeks, a quarter of the season, has been completed with Hyde CC the snooker leaders with 22 points and leading the whist are Mossley ‘B’, Mossley ‘A’ and Denton CC, all on six points.

Looking back, at the end of the third week leaders in the snooker league were Hyde CC with 10 points while Denton CC and Mossley ‘B’ were joint leaders in the whist league with four points.

Both very close at this early stage.

In week four snooker matches, there were 4-1 wins for Mossley ‘A’ at Hyde Club and Staly Labour against Denton CC while Hyde CC won 3-1 against Mossley ‘B’ .In the whist there was a win for Mossley ‘A’.

Week five snooker matches saw Mossley ‘B’ and Denton CC record 3-2 victories against Hyde Club and St Peter’s respectively while Hyde CC triumphed 5-0 against Staly Labour.

There were wins for Hyde Club and Denton CC in the whist.

St Peter’s and Staly Labour enjoyed 3-2 snooker wins in week six against Mossley ‘A’ and Mossley ‘B’ while Denton CC recorded a 5-0 victory at home to Hyde Club.

In the whist league there was a win for Mossley ‘A’.

There will now be a quarterly management meeting where plans for the rest of the season will be put in place and a handicap meeting to amend any that need changing based on recent results.

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