Concerned council step in over former police station

TAMESIDE Council is ready to act after the former police station in Stalybridge laid empty for too long.

Now it is set to serve notice on its owner in a bid to finally get work done on it.Months after being told to re-secure the premises or face a pedestrian being hit by a panel of wood that was placed over windows, patience finally appears to have run out.

Now the authority is set to tell the owner – known only as Mr Kerrison – they want it.

A notice seen by the Correspondent says: “Just to let you know we’re serving notice on the owner over public safety.”

In March, Mr Kerrison inspected the building and took appropriate action after being prompted by Tameside Council following Storm Gareth.

But things now look set to move forward.

Stalybridge police station, on Corporation Street, has laid empty since 2005 with no sign of it being developed.

One plan to turn it into 18 apartments in 2014 by developer IDG Properties fell by the wayside and its look may have an effect on a proposal to redevelop the former market hall, which lies just in front of it.

It is believed one of the reasons why no-one has yet converted the property or flattened it is the existence of police cells below ground level.

Stalybridge police station was a location where prisoners being transported between Manchester and Sheffield were held.

It has also featured in an online ‘exploring’ video, which revealed the shells of former offices, broken windows, wires hanging from the ceiling and a small yard where prisoners could walk around.

Several of the cell doors remain locked shut.

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  1. Emmaus in Moseley is a great way of how old buildings can be put to good use. Surely some Homeless Charity could put Stalybridge Old Police Station to good use on a similar level as Emmaus

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