Mum’s the word as Maddie kicks over the opposition

A STALYBRIDGE schoolgirl is celebrating after coming out of a world championships with two medals.

Madison Buxton

But her mother is determined not to rub in the fact she herself is a champion.

And Madison Buxton has been challenged to go for gold and send mum Kelly into retirement.

The 10-year-old, who amazingly defied a broken arm to train for the World Kickboxing Council (WKC) competition, won a silver and a bronze medal after travelling to Niagara Falls in the USA.

Third place came in the individual Light Continuous Kickboxing category while she was part of a three-strong England team that came second.

Top of the podium, though, was her mother and coach, who won gold in the over-35-year-old Veteran Ladies’ Points Fighting contest.

Kelly, though, believes her daughter’s achievements deserve more praise for her dedication.

The 39-year-old said: “I keep quiet about my achievements as I want to make more of what Maddie does.

“She’s really dedicated. She goes out at 6am every day running and trains three times a week.

“I’m really, really proud of her and what she’s done. It’s probably the biggest world championships there has ever been and she broke her arm in August.

“It was just one of those things you get in a contact sport but she still trained, even with one arm in a cast!“That was my third world title in a row in the discipline, which looks like a regular karate bout but is a bit more stop-start.

“And to be honest, it’s all Maddie’s fault that I’m back competing. I did when I was younger and won world titles but I was injured in training.

“However she asked, ‘Mum, are you going to fight again? I want to see how good you are.’ So I came out of retirement.

“I lost the love for the competing side and went into the teaching side of things. So I started teaching kick boxing.

“And when she gets a gold medal, I’ve said I’ll retire.”

You may think there was time for celebration after the family’s achievements in Niagara Falls after they travelled out on November 2 and returned on November 11.

However, there was not even time for jet lag – especially for Kelly, who competed, coached and refereed in America, while being a mum at the same time.

And the very day she arrived back in this country, she was back teaching at Evolution Fitness in Hadfield, Derbyshire.

Madison, who attends Gorse Hall Primary School, qualified by scooping gold medals in the Under-10s Points Fighting and Light Continuous Kickboxing categories at the World Karate and Kickboxing Commission (WKKC) National Championships in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Her success meant she qualified for her fourth world championships but because kickboxing is completely amateur, she needed funding so she can make the trip.

A fundraising effort saw her do 100 rounds of kickboxing, with number 100 being against Kelly but a £500 donation from Action Together’s Tameside 4 Good scheme made sure she made the tournament.

And should she make it again next year, it will be slightly easier to get to as it will be in the Spanish capital of Madrid.

“The travel was good,” added Kelly. “But it was very cold when we got there.

“It was a full-on five days of competition once we’d got there, especially for me trying to juggle everything along with being a mum.

“That can be very tiring!”

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