Arlies’ Breakfast Club is nourishing

ARLIES Primary’s Breakfast Club is being held up a shining example to the rest of the country.Of the 1,775 schools in the Breakfast Club programme, Arlies was used as a case study and featured in the first progress report about the breakfast programme which was highlighted to Government in July by MP Sharon Hodgson.

“We were so proud that one of our pupils was chosen to be on the front cover and we were the first case study in the report,” explained Kathryn Almond, business manager of the Stalybridge school.

Arlies have been part of the programme since January and have seen a huge impact on attendances, reducing persistent absence and improving punctuality.

Each pupil receives a free daily breakfast as Arlies is part of the National School’s Breakfast Programme run in conjunction with the Department for Education while funding was also received from Magic Breakfast.

Bagels are available every day in the hall while there is a bagel bar in the playground and they are also available in the school entrance. Drinks and fruit are also on the breakfast menu.Arlies is also having a monthly family breakfast where parents and carers can eat alongside their children.

Jonathan Reynolds, MP for Stalybridge and Hyde, was invited to the inaugural family breakfast and spoke about the importance of children going to school on a full stomach.

Mr Reynolds said: “Money from the Government’s sugar tax helped set up breakfast clubs and I was proud to be invited to Arlies Primary.

“Breakfast Clubs are an excellent start to the day. It was inspiring to see it in use and it is the first time I have seen Magic Breakfasts and sampled their bagels.

“School food is better than when I was at school and bagels are more nutritious than toast.”

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