Slimming World supports Poppy’s appeal to help poorly children

By Jodie Saville

A SLIMMING World group in Stalybridge has supported a young girl’s desire to collect as many selection boxes for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital for “all the children that have to stay in over Christmas”. 

Poppy Mulhall

Five-year-old Poppy Mulhall of Newton, Hyde, was born with spina bifida and has been under the care of the hospital since she was born. 

Rachael Mulhall, Poppy’s mother, said: “She just decided about two months ago she wanted to try and collect as many selection boxes to the children who are going to be in hospital over Christmas because she was one of them last year.”

To aid her kind-hearted daughter, Rachael asked family, friends and neighbours to help Poppy.  

“I got my workplace involved and I’ve put it on Facebook and my friends have donated. Everyone’s got involved.” 

As well as this, Rachael, who attends a Saturday morning Slimming World group in Stalybridge, asked her fellow members and group consultant, Maria Palma, if they wanted to help Poppy and they agreed. 

“We know from our members that Slimming World often involves the whole family,” Maria said: “and as such when members are involved in fund raising on a personal level we as a Slimming World family are there to offer our support.”

Together, the slimming group has contributed more than 100 boxes of the 400 boxes collected so far. 

Maria added: “Poppy is a real inspiration to the group.” 

After collecting a huge amount of selection boxes, Poppy considered the children who might have allergies. They have now received dairy free and other types of selection boxes so that all the children receive one. 

Poppy’s parents could not be prouder of their daughter who has proved them wrong with her illness. 

“She takes it all in her stride but then she’s always thinking about other people. She’s always worrying about everyone else even when she has so much going on herself.” 

They continued to receive donations until Poppy’s next appointment at the hospital on December 18. 

Spina Bifida is a neural tube defect caused by abnormal development of the spine and spinal cord, leaving a gap in the spine. 

Poppy was scheduled to have surgery before Christmas 2018 but had to be postponed and later had her surgery in February of this year which she has recovered remarkably. After her surgery, she was determined to begin the fundraiser. 

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