Jigsaw criticised for failing to fell dangerous tree

JIGSAW Homes have been criticised for failing to fell a dangerous tree in Copley.

The warnings went unheeded and during a recent storm the tree on Demesne Drive came crashing down on to Carol Royce’s car.But little more than the 12 hours after Carol reported the incident to the police, fire service, Tameside Council and Jigsaw, the tree and two others were cut down.

“I am not happy with New Charter (the housing firm’s name before it became part of Jigsaw Homes) for failing to cut down the tree because it is about seven months since I reported it,” she explained.

“It was only slightly swaying but it was a concern which is why I reported it but nothing was done until it came down on my car.”

Carol added in mid-August a surveyor visited 143 Demesne Drive and took pictures of the trees and fencing around the garden.

“He kept coming back to the trees and was shaking them before taking pictures of them. I know it was then as I was at the bus stop watching them,” she said.

Carol’s insurance company wanted to write off her 2008 Ford SportKA SE because of the damage caused.

But as the car has only 42,000 miles on the clock she did not want to do this as she needs it for her work as carer for her 84-year-old mother.

She has paid £165 to replace the windscreen while the dents remain.

“It was hard finding such a sum of money so close to Christmas and I would like Jigsaw to pay for the repairs because it was caused by their failure to act,” explained Carol.

Gary Heaton, operations director – asset management at Jigsaw Homes Group, said: “I am very sorry to hear of the damage to Ms Royce’s car and relieved that no one was injured.

“After Ms Royce reported the tree to us earlier in the year, we commissioned a specialist tree survey. The survey concluded that the tree’s condition was ‘fair’ and recommended no immediate action.

“We will contact Ms Royce to discuss the options available to her.”

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  1. They left me over Xmas with no
    Heating or hot water took them over a week to come and look at it and I had a 9 year old daughter they don’t care just lie every time u ring them a

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