Marjorie’s secret to a long life is staying as active as possible

DUKINFIELD resident Marjorie Rigby revealed her secret to long life as staying as active as possible after celebrating her 100th birthday on December 28.

And the family genes may also have played a part in that remarkable milestone after she revealed her mother and her aunt lived to be 102 and 103 respectively.

Marjorie Rigby

Marjorie, who lives with daughter Angela Bottomley on Dewsnap Lane, said: “I’ve always been a sporty person. I could never sit still for long, I had to be up and doing something and if my legs would still let me, I’d be up and about much more frequently!

“Staying active, I think, is a key part of long life. But my family have always lived long lives and I think part of the reason for that is down to genes.”

Born in 1919 to Marjorie Stead and Frank Lofthouse, Marjorie has always been a keen sportswoman partaking in many different activities, including hockey, lacrosse, tennis, cricket and swimming.

She met future husband Charles while playing tennis and became engaged, but wedding plans were put on hold because of the Second World War.

She joined the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force as a plotter, whose job was to plot the position of all aircraft in their sector to provide group controllers with a full picture of ally and enemy positions.

Marjorie’s husband Charles also saw his fair share of wartime conflict fighting for the Allies in the battle of El Alamein, Africa, and in the battle of Monte Cassino, Italy.

Just three days before Germany officially surrendered to the Allies, on May 5, 1945, Charles and Marjorie were married and spent their honeymoon in Blackpool.

They were married for 59 years before Charles died in 2004 at the age of 87.

Angela added: “We had a big family party at Barton Villa, Dukinfield, in June, because her actual birthday is at a bit of an awkward time to get everyone together.

“So, we had an open house on the day for friends and neighbours to come around and see her; she’s had two birthdays, just like the Queen!

“You would never imagine she was 100 years old. She’s fit and able to walk and her memory is even better than mine! She’s a wonderful lady.”

Marjorie, who was educated at Withington Girls’ School and lived in Cheadle for much of her life, has two daughters with Lorna Burton living in Spain, five grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

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